Strategy & Content




Brand Laundry works with start ups, non-profits and established businesses to challenge industry cliches and put their most authentic foot forward. Together we define what's next and challenge what is. 


  • Provide feedback reports & responses to ideas, current projects, ads, apps, online stores, social accounts.

  • Formulate focus groups that will generate real insights and feedback. Findings often guide both brand and business strategy, and in some cases, address core business challenges.


  • In person or via Zoom/phone call. 1-on-1 or small groups of up to five stakeholders.

  • Sessions are either two hours, or a half day.

  • Together we identify the challenges that your business and stakeholders agree matter most & build seasonal focus points to allow a team to practice change rather than be overwhelmed by the thought of it. Once we’ve established a focus, action plans can be put in place, and there’s opportunity to build comprehensive strategy and/or content from this point.

  • A strategy session may involve:

    • discussion on how to make your product both desirable at point-of-sale and at point of disposal (how to design out ‘waste’)

    • in depth discussion about specific business challenges

    • finding out how well you know the customer

    • discovering new ways to connect with your target audience and/or understand what your audience doesn’t like, in so far as brand communication

    • how to go from being less bad (sustainably or ethically speaking) to actively doing more good.

    • hashing it out to discover what your brand or business is really about

    • how to bake purpose into your company culture and communicate this in meaningful, action-led ways

    • how customers can have a better experience with your brand, products and services.


The art of building brand direction docs in collaboration with your team. The result is an insight-led framework that ensures your team, customers and other stakeholders understand exactly why it is you do what you do. With meaningful strategy in place you can give structure to your vision, decide where to allocate budget, ensure your team is working toward the same goals, figure out the next best step or create content that connects with your audience in a more meaningful way.

In some cases, content examples are provided so your team can understand best practice. A solid strategy lets you focus on giving people only the messages or information they want & need, when and where they need it.


Naming: Create distinct names that people remember. Ones that represent your product or service without limiting future growth. Nothing too literal, and something that has emotional resonance - it's all about feelings

Manifesto development: communicating important philosophies and values that a business lives by - inspire customers, internal team members and other stakeholders to see things the way you do. Defining key values and sharing them with stakeholders helps a business or non-profit stay accountable for future actions or decision making and encourage action to achieve ambitious goals. Your manifesto can be developed as customer-facing, for your in-house team, or a mix of both.

Guides, how-tos, videos, PR material, web content: Content that helps a potential customer make a purchase decision.