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Daily Bread

Photo | Lottie Hedley

Photo | Lottie Hedley

Photo |  Micheal Hishon

Photo | Micheal Hishon

DAILY BREAD : how to build a brand around sourdough

Daily Bread launched in January 2018 and quickly built a loyal local following of sourdough bread enthusiasts across Auckland, New Zealand.

Brand Laundry worked closely with Daily Bread from day one to establish a strong ongoing strategy that draws on three focus points: flavour, sustainability & health.

We saw an opportunity to make responsible business practices desirable and to be ultra transparent about these practices with the customer, all while engaging in strong growth.

The three focus points underpin Daily Bread’s decision making and way in which they operate, informing everything from new product development to wider business practice.

Aiming to see circularity reach the mainstream, Daily Bread now operates three commercial compost bins. The bins allow the team to redirect food scraps on site and turn them into buckets of nutritious compost. The process isn’t hidden, and is instead displayed in full view of customers.

After one year in business, we launched an easy-to-use online order system, based off website analytics and a solid stack of customer feedback. Daily Bread customers can now have bread, pastry and deli items either delivered to their door, or reserved for pick up on a particular day.

Across all of the brand’s platforms (social, menu, website), Brand Laundry works to communicate a focus on sourdough process, as well promote the bakery’s use of biodynamic, spray free and organic grains (and New Zealand grains) across all product categories.